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Throughout my life I have always had a love for woodworking.  From widdling a stick as a young boy, to building furniture and everything in between, woodworking has always been in my life.  I started making exotic wood pens a few years ago and my family and friends were amazed at the beauty and craftsmanship in the pens that I would make.  They would tell me that I needed to start selling these to the public and let them enjoy my works of art.  So, a few years ago my wife, Jil, and I started D&J Wood Designs.  As time went on we would expand our selection of writing instruments and I would layout different customizations that could be incorporated into the pens.  Now we have a wide variety of pens, exotic/domestic wood types, platings, customizations and laser engraving that our clients can choose from when designing their very own work of art.

We are a small woodworking shop located in Bloomfield, Indiana.  Our #1 goal is to satisfy our clients with the highest quality wood products available today.  So, when you look around our website, keep in mind that all of our products are handmade in the USA and "Quality Matters" still holds true in some companies, one of which is D&J Wood Designs!


David and Jil Washburn

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